Infographics Creation

As a business owner, you try to find useful and low-cost methods to help your business grow. Infographics are one of the latest trends in content creation that companies are choosing as an inexpensive but effective communication tool. My infographics creation services can bring your business awareness with valuable and lasting useful content.

Functionalities that Infographics Can do For Your Business

An infographic is nothing more or less than a graphical or visual collection of information for your audience to interpret.  An infographic can help your content marketing plan by making your content well assimilated. The purpose of an infographic is:

  • Clarify and summarize a subject.
  • Organizing and planning an issue.
  • Reveal hidden relationships in a subject.
  • Speed understanding in your audience.
  • Increase engagement with your audience.
  • Visually explain a concept.
  • Increase information retention and information recall.

Why Do Your Need Infographics To Your Content Marketing?

With the current overflow of information on the internet, your audience is always overwhelmed with so much content that they need something easy to understand and to rapidly assimilate. An infographic combines all elements of research, statistics, images, visualization of a problem and a solution for that problem. The attention span of the human brain has decreased to just about 8 seconds (, what this means is that as a business owner you have 8 seconds to catch their attention. That is what an infographic can do for your audience.

An Easy and Fun Content for Your Audience to Share

Whether your content is a blog, an article, the latest statistics on a subject or a simple recipe, my infographic services can help you bring your written content to life. Infographics can make your content more understandable and easily assimilated, therefore a more shareable content. The easier you make for your audience to understand and to share your content, the easier it is for your business to be known.

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My Infographics Services Pricing

Illustrative Infographic
$ 35
Headlines Only
Horizontal 1000 x 750 Pixels
Vertical 800 x 1250 Pixels
$10 per Additional Size
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Informational Infographic
$ 65
Headlines and Text
Horizontal 1000 x 750 Pixels
Vertical 800 x 1250 Pixels
$10 per Additional Size
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