The writing services process may differ from one writer to the next. It is essential that you are aware of the steps taken from the moment you hire your writing services till the moment you received the complete written content.

My writing services can vary when it comes to how long I take to deliver the final paper. I follow three steps, and the delivery will depend on the length and complexity of the writing you have requested.

First Step - Information and Payment Collection.

I collect information from you about the subject, the tone of voice you want the writing to be, the length and a few keywords.

Second StepĀ  - Writing the Draft.

The time I take to write my draft varies, and it depends on your urgency. I usually request two to three business days to deliver a draft for a blog or article with its respective main image. I use Google Docs for a fast sharing and editing of the writing document.

Third Step - Your Review.

At this point, I deliver you my draft so you can review the draft and make desirable changes directly on the document. If no changes are needed, then the writing project will be ready to be published.

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