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The writing of the content for your website or marketing strategy is by far your number one priority, and even though it is time-consuming, it needs your complete dedicated attention. It is with your content that you will attract more visitors to your website and if done correctly, you will see your audience converting into customers. 

Content Writing Services Available for Your Business

There are many ways to publish and distribute your written content, and each one follows different paths to reach your audience. Understanding the way these methods work with your audience is crucial for a successful content marketing plan. Below you can find the most used type of web content writing and the ones I can offer to your business. Each one made to reach different kinds of audience. 

  • Professional Blog Writing
  • Professional Article writing
  • Professional Web Pages Copywriting
  • Professional Product Description
  • Professionally Written E-Books


 Buying Ready-Made Content

As easy and cheap as this practice may be for your business marketing, you should avoid buying ready made content. Buying written blogs or articles can trigger search engines to view them as duplicated content. Search engines will penalize your content, and they can even blacklist your website. When you hire my services, I keep in mind the high quality, originally written content and content that is search engine optimized for your business. Quality writing services are not cheap, but the benefits to your business will soon show when you start growing your audience and having content that will last for years to come.

Write Your Own Content Vs. Outsourcing Writing Services?

This question you should make it to yourself as an owner as well as giving yourself an honest answer. Can you take the time to write entertaining, helpful and captivating content? Can you make sure the content you are writing is search engine optimized and can you make sure your audience can find it when searching for help? If your answer is no, then you should consider the option of hiring professional services for your content writing, development, and marketing plan.


My Writing Services Pricing

Blog/ Article Writing
$ 35-65
300-600 Words
SEO Optimized
Blog Title Image
Plagiarism Checked
Unique Content
Contact Me
Web Pages Writing
$ 50-75
400-500 Words
SEO Optimized
Tags & Keywords
Meta Description
Unique Content
Contact Me
Product Description
$ 10-20
50-100 Words
SEO Optimized
Unique Headlines
Persuasive Content
Minimum: 5 Products
Contact Me
E-Book Writing
$ 350
2,500 Words
Table of Contents
Book Cover
Images Included
Citation Included
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